What is Canlett.net llc?

Well, more than anything it is an outlet for me to keep current, challenge myself, keep learning, and network with others. Working full time in the government sector leaves little ability to branch out. Collaborating with clients to solve issues allows me to continually learn and advance my skillset. I have about 7 years experience in business automation through technology and still learn something new on every project. I'm highly motivated and enjoy using my skillsets to help others.

If you have any questions please contact me by using the contact link found at the top of the page.

Image Jesse Canlett is the ultimate team player, who is also willing and able to contribute independently to the success of an agency. The flexibility he displays in being able to address desktop support as well as programming issues is unparalleled. Jesse Canlett would be an asset to any agency.
— Dale Cain
Department of Veterans Affairs Washington
Image He is highly skilled, personalbe with a "let's get it done right" attitude. he has a great work ethic and is exceedingly self-motivated.Jesse will do fabulous work within the technology field, and has a strong desire to serve the people of Washington State.
— Jennifer Montgomery
Department of Veterans Affairs Washington
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